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Should I Build My Own Website?

What are the pros and cons of building a website yourself? Well, the Do-It-Yourself approach or getting your friend to build a website sounds very appealing, isn't?  At the end, your website fee is inexpensive and you learn new skills, knowing how to build a website and perhaps the coding side.  It sounds good, right?

The fact is that building a website is one thing but do you know how long it takes to maintain a website and to keep it up-to-date with the web technology?  If you have the time to learn and build your own website, then go ahead but don't risk and ruin your business image because you don't know if the finished product is going to be professional or not.

What is the border line between professional and amateur site?  What is the damage if your site is poorly designed?  Well, for a start a great website will reflect well on the business it represents and unfortunately, a poorly designed website will have the opposite effect, damaging the critical part of its brand and the business image.
Also, a badly designed website or a poorly updated website can seriously affect the bottom line of your business when it comes to gaining new contracts.  Don't take the shortcuts, unless you know what you are doing!

Don't compromise your website with a friendship . . .

Let me give you a scenario here:  you are busy attracting customers and focusing on the business and you don't have to build a website.  You decided to get a friend to build a website for you.  A week later, you ask your friend about the website construction because you haven't seen anything yet. So they tell you that they had a busy week at work or had a hard time with the family etc.

Well, you showed some sympathy and waited week after week, but there is no sign of when the website will be completed.  I am sure you get the picture now; your friend's time is valuable to them as well.  At the end, you may damage your friendship because you're managing your friend just like an employee.  Is it worth it to compromise your website with a friendship?

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